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One at a time appointments at Beautopia.

At Beautopia, your health and safety are our utmost priority.
Guided by the current federal, state and local regulations, Beautopia resumed operations with one at a time personal appointments with very strict safety measures.  We welcome only one client at a time, with no overlap in the waiting room.  Beautopia‚Äôs boutique approach to care enables this unique solution. 
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Benefits to Dr. Polit's Tumescent Liposuction technique:

No general anesthesia - local numbing allows you to stay awake through the procedure | very small incisions combined with new generation cannula and small fiber laser technology eliminate the need for extensive hip-to-hip cutting and scarring | reduced recovery time | reduced procedure cost

Dr. Tammy Polit, DO, Medical Director

Beautopia offers Regenerative and Cosmetic Medical Procedures in Colleyville, TX.  Cosmetic procedures incorporate a new, different and better approach for the patient  (Tumescent Liposuction) to tummy tucks, love handle reduction, bra pudge, arm lift, thigh lift and reduction of under eye bags.

Featured procedure: Joint Repair

Regenerative Medicine services include advanced joint repair therapy.  If you are contemplating steroid injections, joint surgery or joint replacement, see us first.  Our approach utilizes your body's own growth factors to potentially make a life changing improvement to your well being without joint surgery.

Another area of  expertise at Beautopia includes men's and women's intimate wellness procedures including ThermiVa, Men's performance shot , Women's  intimate shot and Shockwave Therapy as well as Peptide Therapies.

Dr. Polit has worked with the pioneers of these techniques both in the US and in Europe to optimize her approach.

Dr. Polit also offers a complete range of other advanced cosmetic and functional medical procedures - contact Beautopia for more information.

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