Dr. Polit provides the newest procedures in the field of men's intimate rejuvenation. 

Time or injuries can have a devastating impact on a man's ability to experience normal sexual function.  This can impact both the physical and emotional aspects of one's relationships, as well as both the man's and his partner's well-being. 

Men can greatly benefit from targeted injections of their own Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) and growth factors to overcome intimate performance issues that, until now, required pharmaceuticals or were not treatable.  This is a one-time procedure which takes approximately an hour.  A blood sample is obtained and processed to extract platelets and growth factors which are then applied to the appropriate areas to induce healing.  Companion technologies may be used in parallel if needed. The healing process itself usually takes three weeks to three months depending on the individual. 

The most intimate men's rejuvenation - schedule your personal and confidential consultation with Dr. Polit to discover the latest medical advances in this area.