Testimonials are from Dr. Polit's actual patients.

I really liked the results.  Everything explained and described was exactly accurate and informative.  THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING!!! TL 3/24

I love that I was treated like a family member.  Everyone here is comforting and encouraging.  I love my final results.  I would encourage anyone who is considering this no scar liposuction to go for it.  Beautopia is the best!!  The final results were BETTER THAN I EXPECTED!  I was told I was going to see improvement. But WOW, I had no idea my body shape would look this good.  I can put on shorts or pants without a muffin top.  I feel AMAZING!!  JL  2/24

I really liked the results!  Liposuction took me down 2 sizes and I love it!  VV 2/24

I really liked the thoroughness of Dr. Polit!!  Very professional and explained the procedure/recovery in a detailed way to where I understood what I was getting myself into.  I appreciate not trying to oversell me on anything and giving me honest recommendations and feedback. It was a much better experience overall versus when I had liposuction ten years ago somewhere else.  Very pleased and satisfied with the results!  LW 2/24

Dr. Polit and Glenda are the sweetest.  Has been three months and I love my results.  Thank you!!! LN 1/24

I really liked the professionalism, being fully informed of the procedure, what to expect and the follow up.  I am very happy with the results.  I have been very happy with my full experience at Beautopia and would come back for any cosmetic procedures in the future.  KH 12/23

I really liked the outcome of my liposuction.  Exactly came out the way I wanted.  MG 12/23

So happy to have found Dr. Polit and staff.  I feel very confident in her abilities and am delighted with the results of the procedures I have had.  Honest, understandable dialog.  Dr. Polit is very thorough in explaining her process.  She answers until she is sure you understand.  Office staff is great, very friendly.  I will definitely be back for more.  RM 10/23

Dr. Polit has the best bedside manner.  From my consult through my surgery and after, she has been so attentive and available to answer any questions or concerns.  Front office staff is just as amazing.  RD 10/23

I really liked my changes in appearance after my liposuction, the comfort of having the liposuction- it was a very easy procedure!  The Sylfirm X procedure for skin tightening on the body was also a comfortable procedure.  It’s quick and only needs 3 treatments to get results. TG 8/23

Loving the Sylfirm X treatments.  Had teenage acne with some scarring on my cheeks and the scars have softened significantly so my complexion is smoothing out.  Dr. Polit says it will continue to improve over time and I am already satisfied with the results.  Very happy!!! No pain AND no downtime.  AM 7/23

How can it be that a “no scar tummy tuck” is exactly that? I had this procedure done 6 months ago and had very realistic expectations.  I never thought I could look this amazing!!  My lower belly pooch was annoying and showed through all of my clothes- now it’s gone! And NO belly scars.  I didn’t have a waistline either and I’m so glad I had her work on my muffin top too.  I am free to wear ANYTHING in my closet- I don’t even think about what to wear- I just pick out my fav outfit and it looks great every time!!!!  AMAZING and LIFE CHANGING!!! So worth it!!!!!  DI 7/23

Thank you so much for boosting my self confidence!  I really liked Dr. Polit’s positive and caring nature!  She made sure I always felt heard and supported.  DG 7/23

Started Sylfirm X treatments a couple months ago and I cannot get over the results!  Super smooth skin, shrunk my pores, evened out my light and dark spots, decreased my eye wrinkles above and below my eyes, and overall lifting of my face to decrease my jowels that has stayed so far!!  All with a couple treatments that I barely felt and NO DOWNTIME!!!  I love Sylfirm X and Dr. Polit!!!  MY 7/23

Very happy with the liposuction procedure and results!  Dr. Polit made me feel so comfortable, like I had known her for years.  Everything was explained in detail and during the procedure everything they did was explained.  I appreciate the honesty and telling me like it is- not giving impossible expectations.  DG 7/23

I really liked EVERYTHING!  Dr. Tammy Polit is amazing- so professional, thorough, and kind.  All the treatments e.g. Sylfirm, facials, filler, etc have been effective and exceptional.  The office is always so professional, clean, and confidential.  I would highly recommend them to anyone to try their services.  My results have been great!  CS 6/23

I really liked the personal touch for how I felt and concern for how I was recovering. DM 6/23

Dr. Polit is amazing! She really cares about the results and isn’t just trying to push products/services to make a sale.  I highly recommend using Dr. Polit for any cosmetic needs! MA 5/23

I liked everything!  Dr. Polit was very honest with her initial presentation.  Everything was explained in a comprehensive, yet detailed way.  During the procedure, both Dr. Polit and her nurse were amazing.  Glenda in reception is wonderful too.  My results are fantastic.  I feel so much better in my body. LT 3/23

Thank you! I really liked the one on one appointment times, the excellent care, the pain-free procedure, the no-suture approach and the result!! I disliked that I waited too long to do this. LH 3/23

Great experience! Will be back! I loved my results with the procedure.  I also liked the privacy of the office, ease of scheduling, and rescheduling. EB 1/23

Dr. Polit explained the procedure in terms I could understand.  She did exactly what she said and I couldn’t be happier. She definitely exceeded my expectations.  Gave me just the motivation I needed to reach my weight loss goals.  KK 11/21

I would recommend procedures by Dr. Polit to friends and family.  Great experience and outcomes. BC 10/21

I really liked the personal service and the skill that Dr. Polit exhibited in my procedure.  Very happy! GL 9/21

I really liked the education before services and the friendliness of the team.  It was truly a great process.  TS 9/21

Dr. Polit is such a great listener.  I appreciated how much time she took to explain each process/step.  Dr. Polit is honest and realistic about results and what she can do.  I trust her to give me the best advice on what will look good or not.  Her staff is so friendly and very knowledgeable about the products sold.   KC 8/21

Dr. Polit answered all my questions.  The staff is very friendly.  I have referred a few friends to Beautopia.  I’ve received a lot of compliments.  KS 7/21

I really liked Dr. Polit!  I am totally comfortable getting any procedure done at Beautopia.  I trust her opinion and her personality was a plus during visits.  I am very happy with results and look forward to my next procedure with Beautopia!  It’s a good feeling to trust a doctor.  I wish you could be my primary doctor!  Staff is also great at Beautopia.  TG 7/21

The personal attention and customer service was superior.  The fact that there was “no going under the knife” on incisions was definitely a plus.  Thank you for your kindness and patience.  I look forward to my next procedure.  CT 6/21

I really like how I look and how quick the recovery was.  The staff was awesome to work with.  I’m so glad I did this.  My stomach has always been a problem.  After I did this, my stomach is flat for the first time in my life.  SB 5/21

I really liked:  the conversation prior to the procedure, the speed of the process, and the results!  Glad I found you!  KB 4/20

I really liked the professionalism of Dr. Polit and how compassionate she was as a doctor.  She gave me amazing results without going under the knife.  I can’t thank her enough!  AK 3/20

Dr. Polit is very easy to talk to, very down-to-earth and thorough.  The office staff is very nice and helpful.  I couldn’t be happier with my procedure and experience with Beautopia.  KS 1/20

I really liked : 1)  the doctor and staff and the surgical environment  2) how comfortable I was made to feel  3) the relative ease of the surgery  4) the follow up visits  5) the results.  I would highly recommend Dr. Polit to anyone even thinking about cosmetic procedures.  She is warm, caring, confident, and extremely competent.  A perfectionist.  JS 8/19

I really liked how personal and private I was treated.  Dr. Polit is a perfectionist. CC 8/19

I really liked Dr. Polit!  She is super professional, compassionate, and provided a very clear picture of the procedure, the process, and the recovery.  10/10 would recommend.  JV 7/19

Professional office, but still warm and caring.  Dr. Polit explained what was possible and what wasn’t and did a much better job on my liposuction than another doctor tried.  I have had several procedures done and Dr. Polit has been the best doctor I’ve seen.  I’m VERY happy with the results and have referred several people to her.  VR 7/19

I really liked the prompt and cautious services and reminder calls.  TS 7/19

I am more than happy with the results of my procedure.  Dr. Polit and staff are wonderful and very professional.  I highly recommend her to anyone.  LA 7/19

I have had such a great experience with Beautopia and Dr. Polit.  Dr. Polit is amazing- she explains options and expectations.  I had laser liposuction under my chin and the results are even better than I could have imagined.  My procedure went perfectly.  Dr. Polit was awesome.  There are not enough good words to describe the care I received by Dr. Polit and Beautopia.  I found Beautopia by reading all of the exceptional reviews- and I am here to add another.  I highly recommend Dr. Polit and Beautopia.  Outstanding!!!  TT 6/19

I really liked everything.  I’ll start with: the office- very comforting; staff- excellent; Dr. Polit- super down-to-earth, comforting, never overpromised.  She explained everything very thoroughly.  Just loved it.  Results- fantastic.  Would highly recommend to anyone looking to get honest results.  Love this place, love the staff!  AA 6/19

The office ladies are welcoming and pleasant.  Dr. Polit is personable, attentive and always available to address questions.  She patiently explains all aspects of the work she will be doing.  This has been a positive experience and I have recommended your services to friends.  LY 6/19

I really liked that my procedure and my recovery went very smooth.  Thanks for the explanation of how the procedure works and for setting up my expectations about the results I got!  AC 6/19

I really liked the entire experience!  Dr. Polit explains the entire procedure before and after in detail.  She’s very sweet and patient!  When I look and old pictures of myself I can tell a huge difference in my arms and waist.  My arms are more defined as compared to how they used to be.  The fat is no longer there in my waist.  I’m very happy with my results.  It makes me think about what I can do next.  I was feeling insecure about my arms but now I can finally see my muscles.  AR 5/19

I really liked everything.  The most pleasant office experience ever.  From the moment you walk in to the check out was truly a pleasure.  Love this office, love the staff.  Better results than I could have ever imagined.  I’m so grateful!!  AC 4/19

3 things I really liked: 1) not going under general anesthesia.  This makes recovery easy. 2) Amazing results.  Quickly seen results and then subtly continuing. 3) Dr. Polit and staff.  Kind and easy to talk to, easy to contact; also professional and I felt I was in good hands.  I would recommend Dr. Polit, the clinic and my specific surgery.  This has helped my self image tremendously and I’m very happy I was able to do it.  The recovery is very, very manageable.  TV 4/19

I really liked the staff at the front desk.  The initial assessment was very clear.  The procedure went smoothly.  The results were great!  Questions both pre and post surgery were answered quickly.  I would definitely recommend to other potential clients.  RG 1/19

I really liked how thorough Dr. Polit was in answering my questions and explaining my procedure.  No surprises.  The office staff was always pleasant and welcoming.  Loved everything!  So pleased with my results!!  SC 11/18

I really liked Dr. Polit’s thorough explanation of procedure.  PB 11/18

I really liked the information sharing as I felt very informed about the procedure.  I clearly understood the follow up steps and expectations for success.  I really liked the personal care and follow up.  Great experience!  Thank you!  AL 10/18

I really liked how courteous and helpful Dr. Polit and her staff have been during the whole process.  All of my questions were answered. The procedure was explained in detail from pre-op to post-op and Dr. Polit was so accommodating.  I would highly recommend Dr. Polit.  MG 9/18

The overall experience was great from the time I called the office, met with the doctor, and had my procedure- everything was amazing.  I could not have asked for a better process.  This experience has changed my life making me feel like I got my “sexy” back.  Dr. Polit, thank you for what you do.  It is amazing, you are a gift.  JW 9/18

From initial consultation to day of procedure to aftercare.  Dr. Polit is the most caring compassionate doctor.  She is honest to the point where questions are answered that I didn’t even know to ask!  She advised on what should be done, when and what part of my body would be most beneficial.  She changed my life!!  I’m 61 and Dr. Polit took me back to my 40’s!!  This isn’t long enough for my thoughts and feelings for Dr. Polit.  I trusted her 100% and she came through!  She is professional with the best bedside manner!  Her skills and talent I feel is of a doctor from LA or New York!  I have friends that will be coming to Dr. Polit because of the change in me!  My life has changed!!  I love her plain and simple.  Her office staff is the very best! (I will be going on line to leave Dr. Polit a review so I can go into more detail about my experience!!)  LB 9/18

I really liked the communication.  My stretch marks are gone.  LA 8/18

I really liked the doctor and staff.  They were very kind and helpful.  The procedure gave me the results I wanted.  I’d definitely recommend this procedure to anyone who wants the same results without going through a major surgery.  KF 8/18

What the doctor said happened.  The stomach really shrank fast at first and then still gradual. Pant size reduced.  Noticeable around waist.  KG 7/18

I really liked the lipo procedure and not having to be under anesthesia.  I’m very happy with the results.  KP 6/18

Dr. Polit was very professional, empathetic and understanding.  She understood the reason I visited but had options for other concerns.  She was always available.  CW 6/18

I really liked the personal attention from Dr. Polit and her positive, encouraging attitude and words.  She is amazing and have recommended her highly to anyone.  The process and personal touch- Amazing!!  Small office, BIG attention/results! My results (laser lipo on belly and waist) are awesome- So happy!  Come see Dr. Polit.  She will take great care of you!! 5 stars!!  FW 6/18

I really liked the doctor’s honesty.  Personalized experience.  GV 6/18

Loved everything about it!!!  Super personable and the results are so amazing.  Loved being awake and very little discomfort.  Thanks for everything!  SB 5/18

The results of my liposuction have been amazing.  I like my flat tummy.  I love to show off my body at the gym and when I dress up for the night.  I love my “new” body.  Dress size down from medium to Xsmall.  Dr. Polit is such a great doctor.  Response is almost immediate.  I trust her with beauty services and products.  EL 5/18

I really liked the slimmer waist.  Staff is excellent.  Skin is tightening.  BH 4/18

I really like how personable Dr. Polit was and how straightforward and honest she is.  She is professional and very likeable personality.  I will use Dr. Polit for any further procedures that I may have.  CS 4/18

Dr. Polit and her staff have been fabulous and my new results are wonderful.  GM 4/18

Dr. Polit is wonderful, she listens to what issues you have and truly cares!  This has been an easy and great experience!!!  Thank you so much Dr. Polit for caring like you do and putting me first!  I recommend Beautopia to everyone for big changes or small ones. JC 2/18

I really liked the office staff and personal attention. I love the science behind the process and not being put under.  The recovery was so fast and basically zero down time.  I could have been back to work the next day, but I recommend weekend recovery.  Great experience- highly recommended to my friends and family.  I will be back for additional work once I can.  MK 2/18

I really loved this place and the people are great.  Really happy with my results and plan to return for another procedure in the future.  Highly recommend Beautopia to others wanting great results.  GA 12/17

I am thrilled by the results of my abdominal liposuction.  The procedure corrected an imbalance of fat due to an old scar on my stomach.  Also, I am very pleased with the filler I received around my eyes and mouth.  I definitely recommend Dr. Polit to all looking for these services.  MD 11/17

I really liked Dr. Polit and her staff.  They are very personably professional and caring.  At no time did I feel like I was asking dumb questions and she was reachable by phone any time I called.  GE 9/17

I really liked the doctor! I am looking better than when I arrived.  HL 9/17

The doctor and staff are excellent!  Calmed my nerves! The facility was very nice [..].  I was relaxed during the surgery/procedure and even fell asleep.  Dr. Polit is excellent and I will definitely refer her!  I am extremely happy with the results.  The procedure was really a piece of cake!  JB 8/17

A comfortable environment and feeling that you have all the facts makes for an enjoyable procedure.  I really liked the personal feeling of the experience, the straightforward discussion of what would be involved, accessibility as needed, and of course the wonderful results!  I would do this again in a heartbeat.  JP 8/17

I really liked the attention to detail, the service, the outcome and feeling like a person not just a number.  TA 7/17

The no-scar tummy tuck is so amazing and has changed my life!! I really loved my experience with Dr. Polit, from the consultation to the surgery.  I love the turn out of my surgery.  The end results are better than I ever expected!!  DJ 6/17

Dr. Polit is very knowledgeable, honest, and “no fluff” which I GREATLY appreciate and feel is necessary with any medical procedure.  Realistic expectations were set and met.  I would recommend her to anyone.  TS 5/17

I really liked the warmth of the office. The entire staff is awesome. Dr. Polit is very personable and honest. If you want to boost your confidence, come to Dr. Polit. Her professionalism and care make you feel that you have a friend looking out for your well-being. Thank you Dr. Polit! YW, April 2017

The doctor and staff are very professional and treat you like family. I liked the fact that I was able to exercise right away. I would do this again in a heart beat! My husband is so happy with my results. He said “Best money we ever spent!” I’m very happy with my laser liposuction and I’m glad I didn’t get the (traditional) tummy tuck surgery. JO, April 2017*

I really liked the personal attention and attention to detail from Dr. Polit. Her expertise was awesome from the very start. I felt comfortable and was confident I was in the right hands. I would recommend Dr. Polit and the non-invasive procedure to anyone. My overall experience was excellent! Dr. Polit is very thorough in not only explaining the procedure but all along your journey. It has positive, enlightening and fabulous results! Follow her lead and you’ll be a better you! WS, February 2017

I really liked the professional care before, during and after the procedure. RR, February 2017

This procedure was wonderful! TH, December 2016

I really liked the personal attention from all the office staff. Dr. Polit gets to know you as a person as well as a patient. I would recommend Dr. Polit for all your body sculpting and cosmetic needs. VC, November 2016*

The staff and Dr. Polit are excellent. Great facility and easy to schedule with the office. Dr. Polit does a great job of counselling the patient about results and realistic expectations. MW, November 2016

Calling in to get information, Melanie was so helpful and got me in the day and time that worked best for me. Dr. Polit walked me through step by step and I immediately felt comfortable and at ease. LT, September 2016

Dr. Polit did a great job of explaining the procedure and what to expect afterwards. The procedure and the post op period were exactly as she said it would be. And the results are fabulous! DP, August 2016

Dr. Polit and the staff were very helpful. She is very knowledgeable and doesn’t try to force unnecessary surgery. I didn’t know that no scar liposuction existed before now. DW, May 2016

Dr. Polit was very clear in explaining everything. I had no questions. She and Melanie are very professional and friendly. Everything, including the procedure, went as explained, no surprises. KK, March 2016

I had wonderful results. Dr. Polit was great. My husband says I look like myself again. JB, June 2015

I really liked Dr. Polit and all of the staff at Beautopia. Everyone is extremely helpful and knowledgeable. I also appreciated the attention to detail in explaining the procedure to me and the comfort I received from Lisa during the procedure. And results!!!! Thank you to everyone at Beautopia, especially Dr. Polit, for giving me a beautiful belly. You helped my confidence so much. Thanks again! AJ, June 2015

The staff is great. I liked the option of having my procedure without anesthesia – just numbing of the surgery area. I am glad I had my procedure done. It is something that I wanted to do for a long time, and it has proven to be worth it. JW, June 2015

The no-scar tummy tuck procedure without having the anesthesia was a plus for me because I don’t do well with anesthesia. Being able to walk out and go to lunch and exercise following the procedure was a plus. CM, June 2015

I really liked the staff, the up-frontness, the atmosphere. All around, a great place! Would recommend to a friend. DY, June 2015

I really liked the friendliness of everyone and having it done in the office. The staff made sure I had all the information needed, and the follow-up was wonderful. SM, June 2015

I really liked Dr. Polit discussing the surgeries she believed would be most effective for me. It was both impressive and reassuring to learn about the range of options Dr. Polit offered. EB, May 2015

The staff was great! The results are great! I am seeing changes as time continues. The patient care given by Dr. Polit was awesome. Thanks for making time to make this an enjoyable experience. DP, May 2015

The staff was welcoming from start to finish. Dr. Polit is an expert in her field and was honest about what my results would be and guess what? I look even better than I had imagined! I will be recommending Beautopia to all my friends! SB, February 2015

I really liked the calm and quiet of the offices and the personal attention. This was a big decision for me and the overall “care” helped increase my comfort. I would absolutely refer my friends and family. KL, July 2014

The way Dr. Polit did my tummy tuck was like a dream come true! I had always wanted to have this done! SK, July 2014

I really liked the friendliness of the doctor and staff. They were able to answer all of my questions. But more importantly, they made me feel comfortable about my decision and made me very comfortable during and after the procedure. I would refer them to all of my friends. LT, June 2014

The professionals and staff were kind, considerate and always willing to answer questions. Dr. Polit is a very considerate and professional doctor. Thanks to everyone for all your kindness. I would highly recommend Beautopia to family and friends. JW, June, 2014

I really liked being able to fit into my pre-pregnancy clothes and no visible scarring. MB, January 2014

I really liked all of the personal touches. Dr. Polit and her staff bring attention to the smallest of things from the phone calls to the procedure itself. The procedure was very simple and the staff was very encouraging. I loved the calls direct from Dr. Polit. Dr. Polit is an extremely talented and gifted physician. Her bedside manner reaches far into the realm of perfect. Her staff is not only intelligent, caring, and well trained, but very personal in all their interactions. This experience has been amazing and wonderful.  DE, October 2013

I really liked the friendliness and wonderful personalities of all of the staff members. They greet you like family! Dr. Polit is absolutely a gem. She is patient, witty, and great at what she does. There are not enough words to express my satisfaction! I would recommend Dr. Polit to anyone seeking her services.  HB, September 2013

I really liked how easy the process was. I thought it would be much harder and difficult. I was only out of work for one day! I would recommend laser liposuction to anyone. I told three work mates about this procedure. I am planning on getting my stomach done next. WM, July 2013

The office environment is peaceful and soothing. Love the results of my laser lipo! Glad I decided to do it! Everyone was polite and courteous. Dr. Polit is very down-to-earth and understanding of a woman’s body. I would recommend this to my friends and family (already have). RH, June 2013

I really liked everything! The environment, Dr. Polit, after care, RESULTS! Dr. Polit is very honest and straightforward. I felt very comfortable and safe with her. BS, May 2013

I liked the comfort and warmth of everyone. I feel great about myself again. Thank you Dr. Polit – you have given me something that words can’t explain. The way I feel about myself brings tears to my eyes. tears of joy. Thank you for your genuine concern! RJ, May 2013

The results – final results just after 3 months from the procedure are amazing. I am so happy and feel good. This has given me more confidence in myself and I just feel prettier than before. I would definitely do this again. JB, May 2013*

Dr. Polit was very professional and kind, and her assistant was as well. The explanation was very thorough – no surprises. I am very happy with the results – much better than expected. Thank you! SB, April 2013

Staff was so friendly, and made me feel like family. Very pleased with the results of my procedure, and the spa is a very happy place. I live an hour and a half away and did not mind the drive at all, knowing I would be greeted with a big warm smile. PH, April 2013

I really liked the knowledge and experience of Dr. Polit and her staff. They did a thorough job of setting expectations and made sure I was pleased with the outcome. DL, March 2013

The staff and Dr. Polit walked me, step-by-step, through everything that was going to happen. I was scared but felt at ease with them. Everything went well. I would refer anyone to them that wants to lose inches. MM, March 2013

I am very happy with my new body. I love being able to wear my “cute” clothes again. The best part is that I really feel great all the way around about myself. Dr. Polit is very personable, but serious about the work she does. Love the results! PJ, January 2013

Dr. Polit and the staff really took care of me and made my experience wonderful! They answered all my questions and made me feel at ease. Great experience overall! Love my results! EM, December 2012

From start to finish I was handled with the utmost care by Dr. Polit and staff. The level of knowledge about each step necessary to prepare for the procedure, during the procedure and to take care of things after the procedure was above excellent. I had/have the utmost confidence that I will be thoroughly taken care of and the outcome is successful! Thanks to all from the bottom of my heart. This is by far the best investment I have made in myself and my well being. I feel a freedom that I have never felt in all my years. PL, November 2012

Dr. Tammy Polit changed my whole look when I visited her office. My belly was in bad shape. My love handles were big and floppy. But after the procedure was done, I could not stop looking at my pictures. It was a new me! I changed from size 16W to size 12. Unbelievable! With Dr. Polit, everything was great. I am looking forward to another procedure to be done soon. I will not hesitate to tell my friends and family about Dr. Polit. NC, November 2012

Procedure went very well. I would highly recommend them to others. Dr. Polit and staff are very informative and nice. Great atmosphere, procedure was great. Thanks so much! JH, June 2012

Very pleasantly surprised with the outcome. Wasn’t expecting this good of a result. I previously had abdominal liposuction elsewhere and was not 100% pleased. Dr. Polit is very friendly and knowledgeable. All staff were very accommodating. Office is very beautiful and calming. I look forward to having more procedures done here at Beautopia with Dr. Polit. TH, May 2012

I really liked the friendly environment. Everyone was very nice. Dr. Polit made me feel very comfortable. I also liked that I did not have to wait very long between the consultation and the procedure. I especially liked that I had no downtime and almost no pain. I can honestly say that there was not one thing that I disliked. I am very happy. Thank you for being so friendly, and for listening to what I wanted. I would definitely recommend Beautopia to others! EU, 2012

I really liked the professionalism and the consultations … I felt at ease. It was a great experience! I am pleased with my results! ST, July 2011

The doctor and the facility were so very nice! Caring people who explained everything in detail and didn’t raise my expectations over the limit. Whenever I look in the mirror, I am so happy at what I see. Dr. Polit did a fantastic job, and I thank her every day. I love my new tummy, or lack thereof!!! PD, July 2011

I really liked the nature of the surgery – not going under anesthesia. The immediate result of lack of bulk. The results (this is the 3 month point). How it was a catalyst to helping me get the rest of my body in shape (exercise, etc …). Thank you Dr. Polit for everything!!! MM, June 2011

The staff is exceptional and made me feel comfortable. Everything was explained to me in advance so there were no surprises. I am considering more services. Thank you!! DW, June 2011

I had Lipo on my neck, and upper and lower stomach. I was very happy with my neck – it took years off me with so little down time. I was back to work in days. I’m 60 and have had 6 C-sections and had some major scars on my stomach. But when I had the (abdominal, waist and hips) lipo, there was little discomfort and wonderful results. Every day I could see my new shape take form and have loved every minute of it. Can’t wait for the Summer to come. Dr. Polit is the best doctor – takes the time and care to make sure you are comfortable and pleased with the outcome. Her staff is always happy and upbeat and ready to help in any way. I would recommend Dr. Polit to anyone wanting to enhance their body. LW, March 2010 – April 2011

The procedure was painless. I am also very happy with it. I have gone down two dress sizes. My stomach is flat!! It looks so nice. The clothes feel so nice now. Dr. Polit was wonderful. SB, April 2011

I was very comfortable from my first visit. The staff is very friendly, and the spa itself is beautiful. Dr. Polit is very knowledgeable and explains everything in a way that is detailed, yet simple. I am thrilled with my results and it’s only been a month! Thanks so much for making me feel pretty again. MC, April 2011

The doctor was fantastic. She explained the process and took the time needed to help me understand what to expect and make me feel comfortable. I am VERY happy with the results … B, April 2011

I really liked EVERYTHING – people/results/etc .. GREAT experience. NM, April 2011

Your staff is very professional. Dr. Polit has excellent bedside manner, and I am pleased with the results. Thank you for not over-promising!! The result was what I was told it would be. I am very pleased. Your facility is also heavenly. Keep up the good work!! PD, Dec. 2010

I had Laser Liposuction done at the very beginning of October. I simply cannot believe the results I have experienced! I am so thrilled with the outcome and LOVE the entire staff at Beautopia!!! My body is not even done changing from the surgery and I already look 100% better!! I couldn’t be happier! W, Oct 2010